Bluz DK


Bluz DK is the main development board. It contains an ARM Cortex-M0 that runs at 16MHz, 32K Ram, 256K Flash, and a load of hardware peripherals (UART, SPI, I2C, etc.)

Bluz is also outfitted with 2Mb (256KB) external SPI flash. This is used to store backup firmware, system flags, and to download new over the air firmware images.

And, of course, it contains the Bluetooth LE radio and stack, giving bluz it's power-sipping wireless performance.


Bluz DK


Bluz DK

The following are the major components on bluz along with their purpose:

Tech Specs


Power Consumption

Typical Range (subject to environment):



Differences between bluz and the Core/Photon

Bluz is meant to have the same footprint as the Core/Photon, therefore it can be used with existing shields and accessories. However, there are a few notable differences: